Looking at a Coyote

among thirty dusty men the only wet thing

the mouth of the coyote

is a mini zoo we are from many countries
in which there are many coyotes

500 bucks and we’re off think about it
is the shortest verse of a corrido

a gila monster and a coyote are one
a gila monster and a coyote and a gringo are one

strewn bottles melt dirt
the coyote’s tongue fills them

we don’t know which to swat the coyote or the froth
the mosquitoes or the flies

gringos why do you see us illegal don’t you think
we are the workers around you

we speak different accents yours included and we know
también the coyote is suspect of what we say

when the coyote hears helicopters
in Nike shoes he trots Arizona

Nogales whores close their doors
the coyote trots Arizona in Nike shoes

the desert is still the coyote must be tired
in his shadow he sees searchlights

it’s day all night it’s dusting and it’s going to dust
the coyote rests under yuccas

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