From “understory”

for my pregnant wife, nālani, during her second trimester

nālani and
i walk

to our
small community

garden plot
in mānoa — 

the seed
packets in

my pocket
sound like

a baby’s
toy rattle — 

when do
they spray

glyphosate along
the sidewalks?

from kunia
to waimea,

fifty thousand
acres of

gmo fields — 
how will

open air
pesticide drift

affect our
unborn daughter,

whose nerve
endings are

just beginning
to root? — 

we plant
seeds in

rows, soil
gathers under

our fingernails — 
syngenta, dupont,

dow, pioneer,
basf, monsanto

$240 million
seed sector —

corn for
cattle feed

and syrup — 
runoff turns

[our] streams
red — poisons

lo‘i — 50,000
heart sea

urchins die off — 
what will

our daughter
be able

to plant
in this

paradise of
fugitive dust —