The Friend

Translated by John Lee Clark
The Friend wriggled out and stood, a smiling tree, his shimmering head turning left and right. A person came along and looked up and said, “Who are you?” The Friend said, “Come on, get a buzz. It’s awesome!” The person said, “I don’t need that,” and walked off. “Wait!” The Friend caught up and tickled him, his fingers hooking him and reeling him in. The Friend promised he would be popular. The person said, “Really?” He wasn’t convinced. The Friend poured it on, slathering him until he reeled. The Friend slathered and slathered until his head bubbled. Reeling in circles, he fell down. “Hey!” The Friend tried to wake him up. “Oh no! He’s dead!” He scooped up dirt, dropped the person in, and patted it down. He acted as if nothing had happened. Then came along another person. The Friend perked up and waved.
Translated from the American Sign Language