Shakespeare and the Blues

Essay #1 Mrs. Goldberg’s AP Intro to Lit

Shakespeare understood the blues.
He knew parting was such sweet sorrow.
Mr. Shakespeare was the main MC
Of the Elizabethan scene and so I figure

To be or not to be (similar to how you be?)
Be as timeless as hell and as universal
Since such questions never go out of style.
I only wish Othello had sussed out Iago

And taken Iago down to the crossroads
And asked Iago the devil’s true-true name.
Juliet is like Lady Gaga (in my HBO rewrite)
And Romeo lives in Harlem with his moms —

Though that’s only his nom-de-plume.
He wants to be the first rapper with a PhD.
And Robert Burns smiles to keep from crying
And when he penned the best-made plans

Of mice and men (not rats) often go astray
What he really meant was shit happens.
Dead Old White Men they knew the blues
Though they didn’t always know what

They knew okay maybe not even in 1619
By which time Shakespeare was Auld Lang
Syne and Burns was not yet in this world
But the blues isn’t stuck on color or CP time.

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