from feeld

thees wite skirtes / & orang                                
sweters     / i wont / inn the feedynge marte /
wile mye vegetable partes bloome /
inn the commen waye /   a grackel   
inn the guarden rooste /    the tall   
wymon wasching handes /                
or eyeing turnups   
/ the sadened powres wee rub /             so economicalie /
inn 1 virsion off thynges /
alarum is mye nayme
                           / unkempt & handeld
i am hors /
i am sadeld /      i am a brokn hors


                  the bit provydes
                  its hors / the rocke
                  provyded a boye
blessynge gode / i wantd 1
       secrete but fore the rod
       inn this / mye longish throte / i kno
       no new waye / 2 speech
       this / the powre off lyons

 tonite i wuld luv to rite the mothe inn the guarden / 2  greev   it   /   &   as   a   mater   off  forme  /   did   u   kno  not a monthe goes bye  /  a tran i kno doesnt dye  /  just  shye   off   27   /   its   such   a   plesure   to   b   alive   /  inn  this  trembled  soot  /  u  lent  /  shock  is  a  struktured  responce  /  a  whord  lost  inn  the  mouthe  off keepers  /  &  u thum at the mothe  /  a dozen bes  / i  tetherred  thees  nites  /  i  gathred  so  manie  treees