The Grass

Bouteloua black
grama grass red
chino side-
oats blue grama grass
hairy buffalo-
grass toboso three-awn
land’s dawn 旦 sun
over sand, tumble
mill witch- cup- saltgrass
plains love- indiangrass, prairie
cordgrass, pink pappusgrass, sprangle-
top green knotroot
bristle, bluestem, tangle-
head, sacaton
open, golden drop-
seed blooms desert winter-
grass, awns twist, un-
twist, such
syllables flicker
out of grass
: Nanissáanah
thirst, ghost dance
spirits, active
roots, footstalks
to soil as to site, stems
bend, range-
lands wave, seiche
fields sway, clouds
pass over-
grazed grass
staked, fenced
dries, weakens, dies,
crowns, the grasslands
comes to pass, ranch-
hand lands, live-
stock livelihood
wildlife gone, displaced, migrations
impeded, scales im-
the years
spread, each itself
hitched to everything else
in the universe
hollowed, drought-
land years, drops
on the hardpan
is endless
trichloris, muhly, switch-
grass, wind misses
沙 沙 shasha through the pass-
es, whispering seeds
will pass, will pass
within leaves
grasses, not only
the revelation
but the nature behind
to sustain it, over-
land grasses seeds
spread and grow, rhizome,
stolon to sod, curly
mesquite cotton-
top, draft
to draft 草
ten thousand
grasses, 草 dancing
culms 草 of grass
florescence, sheaths
and blades whorl
flower to
flower, wild
grass, knowing
wind strips, slips
of time, the leaves
words weave, un-
weave the

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