As an undergraduate K. Marrott wrote naïve, pedantic epistles against Appropriation Art. One of those letters appeared in Poetry magazine in October 2009. That same summer, Marrott took his chapbook, The Road to Scollay Square (2009), on a whirlwind road trip tour up the west coast of the United States. Marrott read in every seedy bar he could find from San Diego to Portland and gave away his chapbook to anyone willing to take a copy. The remaining copies of his chapbook were left in a bag hold at City Lights Bookshop. The experience inspired Marrott’s long poem, “Lines with Edges” (2010), which he read at the International English Honor Society’s annual convention that March.

Now as a graduate student at the University of Utah, Marrott has a renewed view on Appropriation Art, which he presents in his characteristic “broken image” style in the collection, Rumpus in Transit.

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