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  • poem
    By Thomas McCarthy

    These brown discolorations on a faded black- and-white photograph are not at all like a defect In anything remembered but, rather, a...

  • poem
    By Rabindranath Tagore

    i thou hast made me known to friends whom I knew not. Thou hast given me seats in homes not my...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Dorothea Lasky
    Or Is It the Wild Wind in the Space of the Word

    It’s more like a corkscrew than a path! — Lewis Carroll   not a path, but a corkscrew: to begin I cite Lewis Carroll from...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Vidyan Ravinthiran
    Jon Silkin’s Complete Poems, R.F. Langley’s Complete Poems, and Charlie Louth and Patrick McGuinness’s A C.H. Sisson Reader.

    Complete Poems, by Jon Silkin. 
Carcanet. £29.99. Complete Poems, by R.F. Langley.
Carcanet. £12.99. A C.H. Sisson Reader, edited by Charlie Louth and Patrick...

  • poem
    By Yehuda Amichai

    JOE, a doctoral candidate in literature RACHEL, his fiancée POET/CRITIC SCENE 1 POET: Again like a rebellious nation...

  • poem
    By Donald Revell

    I begin to think Actaeon never changed. The words that followed him, the poems That leapt upon him and left him for...

  • poem
    By Donald Hall

                                   1 “Always Be Closing,” Liam told us— abc of real estate, used cars, and poetry. Liam the dandy loved Brooks Brothers shirts, double-breasted suits,...

  • poem
    By Spencer Reece

    In Miami, this May afternoon, I look up, the sky hot, so hot, always, and heating up hotter — how long I...

  • poem
    By Sylvia Plath

    Pure? What does it mean? The tongues of hell Are dull, dull as the triple Tongues of dull, fat Cerberus Who wheezes at the...

  • poem
    By Bill Sweeney

    His last composed poem, "Over My Head," closes with the evening tide coming in as the light...

  • poem
    By Ron Silliman

    Words torn, unseen, unseemly, scene some far suburb’s mall lot Summer’s theme: this year’s humid —to sweat is to know— pen squeezed too...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Carl Phillips
    Can we only be political when we are speaking to specific issues of identity, exclusion, injustice?

    When my first book of poems came out in 1992, I learned what it could mean to be seen as...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Jenni Quilter

    In August 1950 Jane Freilicher received a letter from John Ashbery in which he recommended she read Proust’s À la...

  • Essay
    By Ben Lerner
    Does poetry make us human?

    We were taught at an early age that we are all poets simply by virtue of being human. Our ability...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By David Orr
    Thomas Sayers Ellis’s Skin, Inc., Timothy Donnelly’s The Cloud Corporation, C.D. Wright’s One with Others, and Elenor Wilner’s Tourist in Hell.

    All poetry is public, in the sense that every poem implies an audience. But some publics are more public than...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By John Shoptaw
    There's no Planet B.

    Before getting to why, I need to ask what: What is ecopoetry? What must an ecopoem be to do justice...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Nate Marshall
    Why hip-hop has everything to do with poetry.

    I was born in 1989 at the end of hip-hop’s infancy. By the time I dropped into being, hip-hop had...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Adam Kirsch

    Ours does not promise to go down in literary history as a great age of religious poetry. Yet if contemporary...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Vidyan Ravinthiran
    Marianne Moore’s Observations and Stevie Smith’s All the Poems

    Observations, by Marianne Moore.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux. $16.00. Linda Leavell, whose biography of Marianne Moore was published three years ago, introduces...

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Tony Hoagland
    The tribes of contemporary poetry.

    Here are two well-known descriptions of what a poem is, and does, one by Wordsworth, one by Stevens: type a: Poetry...

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