Harriet Has Arrived

The new blog chronicles the world of poetry, constantly.
By The Editors

We’ve revamped our Journals section. Gone are the weekly diaries by different writers (though they’re archived right here). In their place, we’ve created a true blog, where multiple writers post on all things poetry, all the time.

This blog is called Harriet.

Take a look at a few entries, and then add Harriet to your bookmarks.

MFA—Much Friggin’ Angst . . . by Patricia Smith

Write Where You Are by Rachel Zucker

What I Wrote to an African American Friend Today About Race and Art by Kwame Dawes

Best American Poetry 1919? by Jeffrey McDaniel

9 Versions of Kurt Schwitters’ “Ursonate” by Kenneth Goldsmith

Originally Published: March 15th, 2007