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Presented by The New Heave Ho: Abraham Adams's 6SÉANCES

By Harriet Staff


It's returned to sortilèges. At The New Heave Ho, a "new PDF press" run by Noel Black, we have Abraham Adams's 6SÉANCES, a poetic divination-vision articulated in séance-video-series form. Or as the copy has it: "Paroling the langue from its prison, Abraham Adams embodies the cut-up in these 6 performances of poetic spiritualism and prophetic chance. As much I Ching as it is Burroughs, Adams adds to the procedural lexicon of creative reading, delivering the retina to process while returning the genie to the lamp of syntax."

"My body burnt the miserable hair unkempt." Too good! What's he flipping? Oh, right. Watch "The Inferno Séance" below.


And at the YouTube page, you'll see how Purdey Lord Kreiden heard it ("the balls burnt their hair unkempt opposite continent of the condoms..."). Yes to sense-swapping/tripping down the lane. But truly, please be changed by all of Abraham's séances ici.

While we're heaving, also there is "[m]ore avant-queer goodness in [withinstance,] this dystopical love chap from erin morrill, a New York body with a Bay-Area brain."

And Time Pieces, by Marina Eckler! An essay which "deals with the issues, conflicts and mechanics of motherhood and art practice." More (free, but donate-worthy) PDFs, including pieces by Black himself and Guillermo Rebollo-Gil, at The New Heave Ho. It appears they keep coming...