A Voluptuous Dream During an Eclipse

Rotten, he says, motherly
how could you miss that

Like a ragamuffin with no eyes
his body has a dark spot

Like doing laundry all day long
he is being nowhere

Cottage cheese runs out his mouth

Another one and another one
that doll can crawl
his insides like an awning

Motherly if mother
mother as if spread

If I could break
the hymen of his ear with 
I can't stand you

I won't say a thing and I won't notice
god you are
the softest
kind of jerk
and yesterday is gone
and I had nothing to do with it

Elaine Kahn, "Adult Acne" from Women in Public. Copyright © 2015 by Elaine Kahn.  Reprinted by permission of City Lights Books.
Source: Women in Public (City Lights Books, 2015)
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