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July 1999

Michael Triegel, "The Dream (Ovid X)," 1996.

The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

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  • Bart Baxter
  • W. Bolton
  • Neal Bowers
  • Sigman Byrd
  • Elizabeth Chapman
From this Issue
    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Immigrant Picnic

      By Gregory Djanikian
      It's the Fourth of July, the flags
      are painting the town,
      the plastic forks and knives
      are laid out like a parade.

      And I'm grilling, I've got my apron,
      I've got potato salad, macaroni, relish,
      I've got a hat shaped   
      like the state of Pennsylvania.

      I ask my...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Nimis Compos Mentis

      By Leslie Monsour
      The paper table cloth was tastefully bleak,
      The misty morning light shone on his cheek,
      And made him look alone and masculine.

      He talked of Seneca and bad translations,
      Of modern critics' lightweight observations;
      A bread crumb rested sweetly on his chin.

      Behind him, through the...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Cypresses, Bathing

      By Christine Stewart
      On my way, I come upon them—
      A gathering of old women
      Soaking their cracked, graying skin,
      Their thick bodies sprawling voluptuously:
      Knees bent,
      Curving out of the water,
      Heads thrown back in a tangle of vines and leaves.
      I pause a moment,
      Waiting to hear their voices...

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