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December 2008

Stuart White, "Untitled," 2008.

The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

  • Roddy Lumsden
  • Todd Boss
  • Joan Houlihan
  • Ange Mlinko
  • Fred D'Aguiar
From this Issue
    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Young

      By Roddy Lumsden
      You bastards! It’s all sherbet, and folly   
      makes you laugh like mules. Chances   
      dance off your wrists, each day ready,   

      sprites in your bones and spite not yet   
      swollen, not yet set. You gather handful   
      after miracle handful, seeing straight,   

      reaching the lighthouse in...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine This Morning in a Morning Voice

      By Todd Boss
      to beat the froggiest   
      of morning voices,   
         my son gets out of bed   
      and takes a lumpish song   
         along—a little lyric   
      learned in kindergarten,   
         something about a   
      boat. He’s found it in   
         the bog of his throat   
      before his feet have hit   
         the ground, follows   
      its wonky melody down   
         the hall and...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine She had a death in me

      By Joan Houlihan
      She had a death in me, knees drawn up   
      and my bowl and cloth rinsed through with her.   
      As morning takes night, field closes the hare,   
      and ay would burrow into her.   

      Over the altar, catalpas rattle,   
      shadow and bother the branch.   
      Is this her...

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