Alli Warren

Alli Warren was born in Los Angeles. In her poems, Warren explores themes of social, economic, and personal desire. Describing Warren’s debut collection Here Come the Warm Jets as “self-reflective, interestingly interrogative, and a lot of fun,” in a 2013 Booklist review, Mark Eleveld noted that the book “places the reader at the center of time and presents big questions without ever being declarative. Warren is ever contemporary and wonderfully paradoxical.” In a 2013 interview with Evan Karp for San Francisco Weekly, Warren stated, “I would like to make work that is both engaged with the material facts of the world, with real bodies, and with the fluidity or dynamism of those things, that they have the potential to change. … I admire writing that is fearless, articulate, and emotional.” 
Warren is the author of I Love It Though (Nightboat, forthcoming 2017) and Here Come the Warm Jets (2013), as well as several chapbooks. She has edited the literary magazine Dreamboat, co-curated the (New) Reading Series at 21 Grand, coedited the Poetic Labor Project, and contributed to SFMOMA’s Open Space. She lives in Oakland. In March 2014, Warren was a featured writer for Harriet.