Anna Rabinowitz

Poet and librettist Anna Rabinowitz is the editor and publisher emeritus of American Letters & Commentary and has been director of the American Opera Projects and vice president of the Poetry Society of America. She has published five collections of poetry, two of which were adapted into operas. Her first poetry collection, At the Site of Inside Out (1997), received the Juniper Prize from the University of Massachusetts Press. Darkling: A Poem (2001) is a book-length acrostic based on a collection of letters from family members lost in the Holocaust. Stefan Weisman wrote the music for the multimedia opera version of the book, which has since been released on CD. In The Wanton Sublime: A Florilegium of Whethers and Wonders (2006), Rabinowitz considers the Annunciation of Mary. That work was also made into an opera, with music by Tarik O’Regan. Rabinowitz is also author of the poetry collections Present Tense (2010) and Words on the Street (2016).

Rabinowitz’s work has been widely published in journals such as the Atlantic Monthly, Boston Review, and the Paris Review. She is the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.