Anne Tardos is a poet, visual artist, and choreographer known for working in multiple languages and across various media forms. She was born in Cannes, France, and raised there, in Budapest, and in Vienna. She moved to New York City in 1966, where she befriended many of the major artists and writers associated with the mid-century American avant-garde. She frequently collaborated with her husband, the late Jackson Mac Low. Tardos’s multilingual, polyvocal poems can include visual elements, such as video stills, photography, and collage. She is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including NINE (2015), Both Poems (2011), I Am You (2008; 2016), her elegy for Mac Low, and The Dik-dik’s Solitude (2003). Tardos’s performance work spans radio, video, and music; her work has been performed or featured at the Museum of Modern Art, the Venice Biennale, on West German radio, and at many international sound poetry festivals.

Tardos edited three posthumous collections of Mac Low’s poetry: The Complete Light Poems (with Michael O’Driscoll, 2015), 154 Forties (2012), and Thing of Beauty (2008). She has taught widely, including at Naropa University, Bard College, SUNY–Buffalo, The New School, and the University of California–Berkeley. She is a New York Foundation for the Arts fellow in poetry and lives with her husband, the composer Michael Byron, in Manhattan.

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