Poet, novelist, and blogger Brandon Scott Gorrell grew up in Harrisburg and Salt Lake City, where he received a degree in psychology from the University of Utah.
Influenced by Bret Easton Ellis, Richard Yates, and Andy Warhol, Gorrell composes accessible prose poems around themes of alienation, sex, and identity. His involvement with online social networking sites and blogging can be seen as an extension of his postmodern confessional work.
In a 2009 interview with Emily Nonko for Bomblog, Gorrell spoke of the inspiration behind the poems in his debut collection, during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present (2009), stating, “I was probably inspired by feeling bad, or kind of beautiful, or lonely, or ‘introspective,’ or ‘like I wanted to write something to make people like me,’ or some other feeling/emotion.”
Gorrell lives in Seattle, where he works as a freelance writer.
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