Charles Alexander is a poet, an artist, and a book publisher. His collections of poetry include Hopeful Buildings (1990), Pushing Water (1998), Four Ninety Eight to Seven (1997), Etudes: D& D (1997), near or random acts (2004), and Certain Slants (2007). Pushing Water collected Alexander’s ongoing serial poem; in the words of Patrick James Dunagan, the collection “joins the likes of Louis Zukofsky’s A or Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day as a practiced endeavor towards meeting the daily business of living with writing: a testament to the abiding determination to have the daily practice of writing and reading serve as a guiding force through life.” Alexander is also the author of numerous chapbooks, including Some Sentences Look for Some Periods (2013).
Trained in bookmaking and letterpress, Alexander is the founder and director of Chax Press. He has taught at Naropa University and the University of Arizona. He lives in Tucson with the painter Cynthia Miller.