Poet, translator, and filmmaker David Shook was raised in Mexico City. He earned a BA at the University of Oklahoma and an MSt at Oxford University. In his debut collection, Our Obsidian Tongues (2013), Shook explores the violence and hunger of everyday life, steeping his poems in lush imagery and sensory detail.
His translations include Mario Bellatin's Shiki Nagaoka: A Nose for Fiction (2012), Oswald de Andrade's Cannibal Manifesto (2011), and Robert Bolaño's “Leave Everything, Again,” a manifesto appended to his novel The Savage Detectives (2008, translated by Natasha Wimmer). Shook’s short documentary film, Kilometer Zero, records the poetry of Equatorial Guinean poet Marcelo Ensema Nsang. Shook has also collaborated with cartoonist Tom Neely, filmmaker Ben Rodkin, book artist Laura Peters, and musician Adrian Wong. In 2013, Shook began to raise funds for a Poetry Drone, which would deploy poems printed on biodegradable, seed-embedded papers over populated areas.
He has served as the editor of Molossus and Phoneme Media and as a contributing editor to World Literature Today and Ambit. His honors include a Pushcart Prize nomination and an English PEN Translation Residency for Poetry Parnassus. Shook lives in Los Angeles.
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