Deborah Meadows grew up in Buffalo, NY in a working class family, attended SUNY-Buffalo, and worked in a factory. After graduation in 1977 she moved west to work in a poverty program. She has lived with her husband Howard Stover in Southern California since 1986. Meadows and Stover built a small house in the Piute mountains, and separately they have worked on various peace and social justice issues. She teaches as an emerita faculty member in the Liberal Studies department at California State Polytechnic University, where curates the Poetry and Jazz series for her students. Her work there has also included labor organization on education equity issues, participation in travel exchanges with writers in the campus’ Cuba program, and contributions to curriculum design in the campus’ interdisciplinary program.
Her works of poetry include: Representing Absence (Green Integer, 2004), Itinerant Men (Krupskaya, 2004), and two chapbooks from Tinfish Press: Growing Still (2005) and “The 60’s and 70’s: from The Theory of Subjectivity in Moby-Dick” (2003). A member of the Los Angeles Printmakers Society, Meadows is also active in visual art and her work has been in several juried shows.
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