A librettist, artist, and critic, Jeffrey Jullich has a degree in literature and writing from Columbia University. He is the author of Thine Instead Thank (2007), and Portrait of Colon Dash Parenthesis (2009), written in a style described by poet John Ashbery as “poems as performance.”

Jullich has written libretti for Jeffrey Lependorf’s American Lit Queer Theory (The Hawthorne-Melville Correspondence) and The Shari Lewis Show, which Jullich describes as a “computer-music puppet opera.” The two have also collaborated as Cabaret for Cruelty, the “Post-Artaud, Pseudo-Butoh, Performing Duo,” responsible for the song “I Shall Kill Salman Rushdie the Blasphemer.”

Jullich has served as the horoscope columnist for VICE magazine. His poetry and reviews have appeared in Rain Taxi, Electronic Poetry Review, Fence, Ecopoetics, and American Letters & Commentary; he edits the journal LOGOPOEIA.