Jeffrey Brown is best known for his bittersweet autobiographical graphic novels, and in just a few short years his impressive body of work has already garnered high praise from the likes of McSweeney's, NPR, and Time. Heartfelt and sincere, these memoirs of failed relationships have set a new standard in autobiographical comics and established Jeffrey Brown as one of the leading cartoonists of his generation. A versatile talent, his first graphic novel, Clumsy, appeared seemingly out of nowhere to grab the attention of cartoonists, critics, and comics fans alike. Since then, his works have included fiction, gags, and parodies, as well as further examinations of the human condition. His comics have been widely anthologized, as well appearing in local newspapers like the Chicago Reader and NewCity. Brown has been featured on NPR's This American Life and created a short animated music video for the band Death Cab For Cutie. Most recently he released Cat Getting Out of A Bag which purports to be the ultimate books of non-anthropomorphic cat comics, and Incredible Change-Bots, a well-timed parody of the Transformers. In 2008, Simon & Schuster will publish Little Things, a collection of autobiographical short story comics.

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