Poet, scholar, and journalist Joshua Clover was born in 1962 in Berkeley, California. An alumnus of Boston University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Clover has published three volumes of poetry: Red Epic (2015), The Totality for Kids (2006), and Madonna anno domini (1997). His poems have also appeared three times in the Best American Poetry series. He has written three books of cultural and political theory: Riot.Strike.Riot (2016), 1989: Bob Dylan Didn’t Have This to Sing About (2009), and The Matrix (2005). Clover has received an individual NEA grant as well as the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets, and served as a senior fellow at the University of Paris-Diderot and the Institute for Advanced Study at Warwick University.
Clover is a professor of English and comparative literature at the University of California, Davis, and a columnist for The Nation and Ny Tid, in Norway. He is a founding editor of Commune Editions.