Poet and visual artist Krista Franklin was raised in Dayton, Ohio, and educated at Kent State University, where she earned a BA. Influenced by Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, and the writers of the Black Arts Movement, Franklin layers personal, pop cultural, and historical imagery, interrogating race, gender, and class through narrative. She is the author of the forthcoming Under the Knife (Candor Arts, 2018) and Study of Love & Black Body (Willow Books, 2012).  Her poetry is included in the anthologies Gathering Ground: A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem’s First Decade (2006), Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam (2001), and The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order (1999). 
Franklin is also a visual artist, focusing primarily on collage. Addressing the connection between her poetry and her visual art in an interview with the Experimental Arts Examiner, Franklin stated, “Typically my poems and collages start with an image in my head or a line from something that evokes a picture in my head, and I work from there. Over the past year I have been trying to think up ways to connect the poetry to the collages, and I've been engaged in the work of bringing the two together a little more. I used to think of them as two separate roads, but now I'm more interested in the places where those roads converge.”
In addition to being shown widely in galleries, Franklin’s collages have been featured on the covers of several poetry collections, including John Murillo’s Up Jumps the Boogie (2010) and Lita Hooper’s Thunder in Her Voice (2010). A Cave Canem Fellow, Franklin was a cofounder of the 2nd Sun Salon and of Tres Colony. She has taught for Young Chicago Authors, the Neighborhood Writing Alliance, and ETA Creative Arts. Franklin lives in Chicago.