Founder and editor of H_NGM_N literary journal and H_NGM_N BKS, Nate Pritts was born in Syracuse, New York. He earned an MFA from Warren Wilson College in 2000 and a PhD in creative writing and British Romanticism from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, in 2003. His full-length collections of poetry include Sensational Spectacular (2007), Honorary Astronaut (2008), and The Wonderfull Yeare: a shepherd’s calendar (2010), Big Bright Sun (2010), and Sweet Nothing (2011).

Pritts has been compared to the New York School poets, including Frank O’Hara, for his joyous revelry in shifting registers of language. Olivia Cronk, reviewing for Bookslut, observed: “Pritts uses the language, tone, and awkward silliness of a 1950s sci-fi-comicbook-pow-bang-robot-technical-failure world.” Cronk ultimately identified Pitts as an “everyman, heart wrenchingly casting his powerless fist up into the air as the flying machines and automated check-out lines further crush his soul.”

Pritts has taught business writing and communication, creative writing for talented high school students, and workshops for the Downtown Writer’s Center/YMCA in Syracuse, New York.
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