Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, poet and editor Reb Livingston earned a BA at Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA at Bennington College.
Fully invested in issues of form and voice, Livingston’s poems question the act of naming within the context of intimate and spiritual connection. In an interview with Tom Beckett, Livingston discussed her intuitive approach to the composition of the poems in God Damsel after reading numerous spiritual texts: “I was searching for some type of spiritual guidance or template for my poems. I remember being chagrined with what I found and started rewriting them. I took many liberties, completely changed the tone, meaning, everything. I liked the results and began rewriting prophecies and then re-translating translations of old religious texts, spells from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, whatever seemed in need of a good re-telling.”
Her poetry collections include Your Ten Favorite Words (2007) and God Damsel (2010). Her work has also appeared in Best American Poetry (2006).
With Molly Arden, Livingston edits the online poetry journal No Tell Motel and the anthology series The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel. She is also the editor and publisher of No Tell Books.
Livingston lives in northern Virginia with her family.
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