Sally Van Doren was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Her most recent book is Possessive (LSU Press, 2012). Her first poetry collection, Sex at Noon Taxes, won the 2007 Walt Whitman Award, and the title’s palindrome hints at the generous and witty wordplay the volume contains. About her work, August Kleinzahler has said, “There are no dead moments, no fill: even the conjunctions, prepositions and assorted connectives carry a charge. The language is alive. The movement of language is alive.” Van Doren’s poem “Preposition” twists and revises grammatical roles as it earnestly addresses a relationship, demonstrating that, as Sabne Raznik wrote in a review, “This is a poetry of deep emotional substance even in the midst of play.”

Van Doren teaches at the 92nd St Y in New York City and has taught in the past at Washington University in St. Louis, the St. Louis Poetry Center, and in the St. Louis Public Schools. She divides her time between Connecticut and New York.
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