Born in London of Mauritian descent, British poet and editor Saradha Soobrayen writes lyrical, compressed poems that explore themes of power, transformation, and intimacy. In an interview with Poetry Parnassus, she discussed her work’s evolving formal and thematic concerns: “I have been thinking more and more about white space and silence and the impossibility of language whereas before it was all about words, words, words, words, words, words, words and words. I have become more curious about the complex dynamics of using poetic language to fully express historical injustices and forced silences experienced by individuals and communities who go on to use poetic methods to develop a collective consciousness or collective memory.”
Several anthologies have featured Soobrayen’s poems, including Oxford Poets Anthology 2007 and The Forward Book of Poetry 2008. Named by The Guardian as one of “Twelve to Watch,” Soobrayen won an Eric Gregory Award for her poetry. She served as poetry editor for Chroma: A Queer Literary Journal, as reviews editor for Modern Poetry in Translation, and on the advisory board of the literary journal Conclave. She lives in London.
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