Steven Edmund Winduo is a Papua New Guinean poet, short story writer, and scholar who teaches at the University of Papua New Guinea. He earned an MA from the University of Canterbury and a PhD in English from the University of Minnesota and is the author of the poetry collections Lomo’ha I am, in Spirits’ Voice I Call (1991), Hembemba: Rivers of the Forest (2000), A Rower’s Song (2009), and Detwan How? Poems in Tok Pisin and English (2012) and a short story collection, The Unpainted Mask (2010). He was the founding editor of Savanna Flames: A Papua New Guinea Journal of Literature, Language, and Culture, and he speaks several languages, including English, Tok Pisin (PNG Pidgin), Nagum Boiken (mother tongue), and some Japanese. Winduo lectures in literature at the University of Papua New Guinea and is director of Melanesian and Pacific Studies in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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