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  • Essay
    By Peter Moskowitz

    Donald Britton died young but left behind poetry of secretive beauty.

    Black and white image of the poet Donald Britton.
  • Interview
    By Amy Lam

    Hieu Minh Nguyen on vulnerability, whiteness, and why he loves the Midwest.

    Image of Hieu Minh-Nguyen
  • Essay
    By Nick Ripatrazone

    In his new book, Matthew Dickman confronts a world in which God is everywhere and nowhere.

    Image of the poet Matthew Dickman.
  • Discussion Guide

    Four poems in the April 2018 issue.

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Sarah Browning

    Split This Rock 2018.

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Eric Elshtain

    Poems and visual art by Snow City Arts students.

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Mahogany L. Browne

    A triumphant and explosive war cry.

    Image of the poet Mahogany L. Browne.
  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Don Share

    On poetry communities.

  • Essay
    By Kathleen Rooney

    On the rediscovery of Joan Murray.

  • Essay
    By Claire Luchette

    On profanity and the sublime in poetry.

    Illustration depicting profanity.
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