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  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Robert Duncan, Charles Olson & Dale M. Smith

    The Correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson.

    Black and white side-by-side image of the poets Robert Duncan and Charles Olson.
  • Discussion Guide

    Four poems in the September 2017 Issue of Poetry

  • Essay
    By Karin Roffman

    An excerpt from a new biography showcases John Ashbery’s early years.

    Black and white photo of the poet John Ashbery taken in February 1945.
  • Interview
    By Stacey Lynn Brown

    Margarita Engle, the new Young People’s Poet Laureate, found her home in books.

    Image of the poet Margarita Engle.
  • Poem Guide
    By Camille Guthrie

    A poet uses a punctuation mark to plot a crime.

    Black and white photograph of Robert Browning.
  • Essay
    By Jay Deshpande

    Adept across genres, Johnson made a lasting contribution to poetry.

    Image of the author Denis Johnson.
  • Interview
    By Kyla Marshell

    Patricia Smith on form, fathers, and the voice you don’t hear.

    Image of the poet Patricia Smith.
  • Essay
    By Adrienne Raphel

    Why Merwin’s The Lice is needed now more than ever.

    Black and white image of the poet W. S. Merwin circa 1960s.
  • Essay
    By Annie Finch

    Savoring the rich poetic gifts of summer.

    Image of the silhouette of wheat in a wheat field in summer.
  • Poem Guide
    By Katherine Robinson

    The creation of life and the masterful merging of metaphor and reality.

    Sylvia Plath
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