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  • Essay
    By Lily Gurton-Wachter

    A new tradition of war poetry exposes the hidden relationships between power and language.

    Image of US soldiers sitting and reading on tanks in 1944.
  • Essay
    By The Editors

    A new Manual Cinema video brings World War I poetry to life.

    Paper illustration of two soldiers putting on gas masks in WWI.
  • Essay
    By Ed Simon

    Thomas Wyatt, the first great poet of totalitarianism, speaks to the anxieties of troubled times.

    Sketch portrait of Sir Thomas Wyatt.
  • Essay
    By Logan Berry & Kathleen Rooney

    Aase Berg’s poetry combines horror and kitsch.

    Illustration of Cthulhu monster holding a chainsaw.
  • Essay
    By David Naimon

    Ursula K. Le Guin’s poetry reveals a writer humbled by the craft.

    Black and white image of the poet and novelist Ursula K. Le Guin.
  • Essay
    By Tony Rehagen

    Indigenous poets confront an epidemic of missing and murdered women.

    Collage illustration of silhouettes of women with images of nature and paper in the background.
  • Essay
    By Colin Dickey

    Ed Dorn’s Gunslinger reimagines America’s frontier myths.

    Illustration of a cowboy over a rainbow, tie dye background.
  • Essay
    By Rick Paulas

    Homeless poets find an outlet in street newspapers.

    Image of a Megaphone vendor holding issues of the street paper in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Essay
    By Ed Pavlić

    Pauli Murray’s Dark Testament reintroduces a major Black poet.

    Black and white image of Pauli Murray reading from Dark Testament.
  • Essay
    By Rachel Mennies

    How to teach bewildering poems.

    Black and white image of Rachel Mennies sitting in a home library.
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